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Everything ARCHIE BOWEN-BROOKES does is geared toward providing you, our reader, with the best content we can make available. ARCHIE BOWEN-BROOKES doesn’t add cookies when you visit, nor do we check/interrogate any cookies that you might arrive or leave with (see IP Addresses below).

We may store individual contact information for our use only.

We do not pass emails to outside organisations.  


We have Google Analytics installed and we perform anonymous statistical, demographic and marketing analysis of the people who arrive on ARCHIE BOWEN-BROOKES.


From time to time, we send a simple newsletter to readers who have opted in. Each of these emails will explain that you have chosen to sign up for the newsletter and that you can unsubscribe at any time. This data is held on Mailchimp and never shared with 3rd parties. If you do not opt in on a regular basis, then you will cease to receive the newsletter and your data will be deleted.


For companies with whom we have (or have had) a commercial relationship, we will retain the information necessary for us to transact business. Clients are welcome to ask about the information that we are holding at any time. This information will be held on individual PCs, with password protection, only by the people who need the information in order to engage in that business relationship.


From time to time, ARCHIE BOWEN-BROOKES readers can choose to opt in to various research projects that we run. The kind of data that we capture and store, will vary for each project. We will make it very clear at the start of each research campaign exactly what data will be stored.

This policy may be updated from time to time, for example if government legislation changes.

If our policy changes, then we will post about it on our home page.

5th March 2023

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